In creative ways, I design technology for human communication. Data tells you what’s happening. Stories tell you why it matters.

          Certificates and Projects

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          I have experience in working with these programs, but I also have secured a solid and contemporary skill-level by undertaking up-to-date certificates.
          I use Tableau for Data Analysis and Visualisation to be able to take informed and data-driven decisions, Google Analytics 360 for audience and channel analytics, evaluating inbound marketing initiatives, for evaluation of digital behaviour and user experience of digital interfaces, and funnel ROI.


          Koncept INTRO opening cermony from on Vimeo.

          I am quite creative and when I see a societal trend or something that I get obsessed about, I eagerly want others to understand the greatness of that concept too. Which is why I have self-initiated storytelling pieces over the years. And so each concept is a tribute to something, includes several episodes. It’s quite much like being a musical artist who creates full album, where each song has a meaning and lays out a bridge to the next one. The whole album becomes a full story. One tribute I made a few years ago was to technology, as I lacked inspiration for this when studying M.Sc. Now I’m focusing on adventures and outdoors. “Album” will be dropping in 2020. Click on below to read more.

          I’ve also managed to finalize two research exploration projects, where I’ve managed to combine some of my main passions: science/ research & adventure/outdoor. So far so good with minor field study in Belize, one computers for schools project in Kamerun, and one upcoming in partnership with National Geographic: Wild & Scenic rivers.